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A collection of writings by: Jodi-Ann R Brown



Picture. She.

images (1)She was

A formidable woman

A creative woman

Someone who loved to express from deep down inside

She was a flower

Purple at the bottom and pink at the top

Designed with depth underneath grace

Diamond underneath coal

Gentleness underneath walls of steel

Loyalty and sweetness underneath masks and coldness

Buried deep is her essence but

She didn’t think to show

Because it was true that others told her they were blinded by her glow

And she didn’t reach out to those who only thought she should only have one colour

Because she even wanted more shades in herself as a flower

So she could see and understand more

The dimensions of life.





Im imperfect
Its so hard to say, so hard to fathom
Yes of course, I do know Im imperfect

How do I embrace?

Growing up you had to be this or this person or else you wouldn’t be accepted.
You were told who to be and who not to be
In order to have the least troubles in this world.


Who told me?
Did I tell me? Never!
Who gave permission? Not me!

I gave permission to be all that was told, yet, no permission to be different. Ive always been different, how can that even now change?

Permission was never sought, It was given with restrictions.
I never permitted myself, but gave myself further restrictions in multiples.

Who called for that? Me.

Permission – I need permission again.
Not from you, not from anyone else, but from me.

Had I given myself permission to be imperfect?
God knows I am already.
The people in the Bible were never.

I thought God gave permission to be perfect.
“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”


Thats me, fallen, and short, and falling short.

Of Gods standard. My standard. Your standard. Social standards.

Who’s standard? God already knows I’m not perfect. He already knows I have capacity to sin, and think improperly.
Hes called me to the LOVE standard.
The GRACE standard.
What do these mean?
I have to find out.



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