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Blog by Jodi-Ann R. Brown, a Christian Jamaican. Wonderfully made, wonderfully loved. Bold and intuitive mind, shy voice, quick laugh. Some hidden fiestiness in the mix..


Oops Word on Big Red Button Correct Mistake
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My Father says:

You were mistaken

Now don’t make a mistake

The things you used to treasure

Now seem to be fake

Please don’t hold on to your old pursuits

In place of what I’ve placed there to be new

I want every morning for you to be

As fresh as the morning dew

Please don’t hesitate to reach me

When you need me

To help you with your new focus.

Now that you’re not mistaken, you have the ability to walk free

And act like you believe

Now that you’re not mistaken

You have the ability to rest and not wrestle

Now that you are free

You can make the decision to continue to invite me

Into your heart, life, space, and mind

You can stop living mistaken

And start living.

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My Father


My Father

Who is He

One that says

I’m never having to wonder if He loves me, night or day

Particularly at nights when

All the thoughts of all the fears

All the thoughts of all the pressures



But in a flood

My Father, gives His assurance,

Not always when I want it but,

At times when I need it or don’t expect it’ll come

My Father isn’t interested in me being perfect

Which is hard to remember so I
Beat myself up which is hard not to do although He doesn’t
Want me to.

My Father sings and rejoices over me

I sometimes feel the effects of His song but I want to…

Actually hear the song

Instead of running on E because…

I can’t hear any song…

My Father sees me as pure, whole, new and spotless

To me it takes faith to see that the spots are still not there

That they’ve disappeared

That no matter when I fall, once I confess and repent, I’m spotless.

My Father, is one called the wonderful counsellor

And I’ve heard Him counsel me

In times when I focus not on anything else

My Father is said to be the Comforter

In this season of grief and pain,

I yearn to confirm His touch and His embrace

In this season of being at a crossroads

I yearn to abide in His counsel and His grace

I yearn for Him to be a forever friend,

Who I can sense holding my hand

Not just in hindsight, but in present sight

In this season of weariness

I long to see the truth that His strength is made perfect in my state of weakness,

And that I like the apostle

Will glory in my weakness when His strength is evident

My Father, I yearn to be able to trust you wholeheartedly

With my







My Father I desire for you to grant me everlasting







My Father, in your name, please, grant me.




The pieces are


They have me



How to

put them all back

The pieces are faint

the pieces are bright

the pieces are old

the pieces are new.

The pieces are of the past

The pieces all make up me

Blue white pink green gray and blue


You may see a piece

and not understand the missing part because

You dont know its colored differently

Its part of the multi coloured puzzle

the multi piece puzzle

That makes up me

A fearfully and wonderfully made puzzle

Chosen before the foundation of the world

To love out the intersections of my pieces

in the way He would have me do so.



Why do brides wear white?

The song “Priceless” by “For King and Country” was talking about how Jesus sees us spotless and priceless.

And marriage is to be a reflection of Christ and the church.

The bridegroom Christ comes for the pure bride

Even if she’s made a lot of mistakes Christ still wants her and views her a certain way

And so should the husband behave towards his wife in mirroring Jesus’ actions

And so hence the white colour as a representation!

HE comes for her

SHE comes to meet Him and THEY spend a life time together

And they have a soul tie

Which is akin to

He Christ comes for her the bride and

she The Church comes to meet him and they

spend more than a lifetime together

They spend eternity together and

They can never be separated In eternity

A representation of dishour would then be the

Practice of divorce and this is why

God would hate it so much

It’s a misrepresentation of the eternal picture

We wear white to be introduced to forever and to be

Carried away into forever…

That’s why the bride is to wear white and

Continues to wear white

A place


There is

There is a place where you belong inside my heart

Where is it? Its deep down, I almost hid it

From who?

From me and from you

I pushed away my desire to be closer

Maybe Because I thought the effort would be too forced.

I pushed away my desire to be loved

Maybe because I thought to ask for more was too much to ask.

I dont know what my desires are…

Am I ready to even receive?

Am I ready to even give?

Is readiness a requirement?

Do I want this to hinder the way i live?

How do you cross if you cant see the bridge?

You’re a great,loyal, honourable, respectable person

Dont get me wrong

I just want both of us to feel….strong.

The Space


Your space

In between

Your heart and your soul

Your mind and your spirit

The healing you and the healed you

The angry you and the one thats at peace

The you who has low self esteem and the you who is recognizing their worth

The you who is baby Christian and the you that’s on the way to maturity

The pleasing you vs the self assured you

All of us want to trash the space

Its so difficult to be there

You’d rather fast forward yo the future or stay in the past

Its tempting to do either and be miserable

Because things feel out of reach

People are telling you time is running out, speed up

They’re telling you its taking too long to cross the bridge

To live in the space

Its necessary to appreciate your own journey

It is necessary not to compare your journey with that of others

It necessary to have people who wont invalidate any part of your journey.

It is necessary to celebrate living in your journey, and pat yourself on the back

It is necessary to even endure your journey, as the testing of your faith produces perseverance
Persevere my friend. You wont always be here.



I hide so well

You cant see me

I run through the bushes

From your view of me.

I hide from the access I’m not sure you deserve to have to me

I hide

from the interpretation of me that

your definition would cause.

I hide because simply,

I don’t want you to see into me.

I hide because I’m afraid that

Your connection to me cant support or undergird the things I

want to say

the connection might break.

I hide because, Im tempted to

break my bond with the human race


at moments when I decide to un-hide,

being Ms. Imperfect isn’t anything shameful.

I realize and re-embrace my bond with the human race

Whether or not I feel understood or

am understood

Hiding brings security and

a kind of assurance

But coming out brings bonding and freedom , When I decide I feel safe

I am safe

So, therefore, what’s my decision gonna





Swim out from Shore


We say – Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

But are we ready?

My trust is what God wants to be without borders

I started to swim and I was fine with practiving new strokes and remembeing old ones.

But then the water got too deep, and i sarted panicking.

I started drowning.

I didnt know how to ask anyone to teach me new ways to swim.

I cant see above the water.

I hear others calling out to me

They throw ropes out to me

But i cant catch

Some pull back thier voices and thier ropes

Im tired of drowing

But I keep thinking of new ways to swim

Because I have to get back to this shore, or a new one.





In order to let, you have to go.

In order to let it happen, you have to go.

In order to get to the next bar on the jungle gym, you have to let go of the one you’re on.

Which one are you on?

Which one do you want to go to?



In order to reach the next grade in school, you have to leave the old one.

Where do you want to be? In between?

Let go

In order to press the gas, you have to let go of the brake.

How are you driving?

Can you let go?

In order to be relieved from market bags, we first have to agree to let them go.

What are you carrying?

For what purpose?

Christ says “take My burden upon you for My yoke is easy and My burden is light”

Can you shift weights?

Will you be ready to give up?

Can you put it all in His hands and let go of the responsibility?

O no you say

I want to feel the fulfillment of my way…

But His ways are higher than yours

And you’ll forever be so laden

Come, now, not later. He invites you to rest.

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