Oops Word on Big Red Button Correct Mistake
A big red button with the word Oops to press and get customer support or service or to fix or correct an error, mistake, problem or gaffe you have made


My Father says:

You were mistaken

Now don’t make a mistake

The things you used to treasure

Now seem to be fake

Please don’t hold on to your old pursuits

In place of what I’ve placed there to be new

I want every morning for you to be

As fresh as the morning dew

Please don’t hesitate to reach me

When you need me

To help you with your new focus.

Now that you’re not mistaken, you have the ability to walk free

And act like you believe

Now that you’re not mistaken

You have the ability to rest and not wrestle

Now that you are free

You can make the decision to continue to invite me

Into your heart, life, space, and mind

You can stop living mistaken

And start living.