My Father

Who is He

One that says

I’m never having to wonder if He loves me, night or day

Particularly at nights when

All the thoughts of all the fears

All the thoughts of all the pressures



But in a flood

My Father, gives His assurance,

Not always when I want it but,

At times when I need it or don’t expect it’ll come

My Father isn’t interested in me being perfect

Which is hard to remember so I
Beat myself up which is hard not to do although He doesn’t
Want me to.

My Father sings and rejoices over me

I sometimes feel the effects of His song but I want to…

Actually hear the song

Instead of running on E because…

I can’t hear any song…

My Father sees me as pure, whole, new and spotless

To me it takes faith to see that the spots are still not there

That they’ve disappeared

That no matter when I fall, once I confess and repent, I’m spotless.

My Father, is one called the wonderful counsellor

And I’ve heard Him counsel me

In times when I focus not on anything else

My Father is said to be the Comforter

In this season of grief and pain,

I yearn to confirm His touch and His embrace

In this season of being at a crossroads

I yearn to abide in His counsel and His grace

I yearn for Him to be a forever friend,

Who I can sense holding my hand

Not just in hindsight, but in present sight

In this season of weariness

I long to see the truth that His strength is made perfect in my state of weakness,

And that I like the apostle

Will glory in my weakness when His strength is evident

My Father, I yearn to be able to trust you wholeheartedly

With my







My Father I desire for you to grant me everlasting







My Father, in your name, please, grant me.