Why do brides wear white?

The song “Priceless” by “For King and Country” was talking about how Jesus sees us spotless and priceless.

And marriage is to be a reflection of Christ and the church.

The bridegroom Christ comes for the pure bride

Even if she’s made a lot of mistakes Christ still wants her and views her a certain way

And so should the husband behave towards his wife in mirroring Jesus’ actions

And so hence the white colour as a representation!

HE comes for her

SHE comes to meet Him and THEY spend a life time together

And they have a soul tie

Which is akin to

He Christ comes for her the bride and

she The Church comes to meet him and they

spend more than a lifetime together

They spend eternity together and

They can never be separated In eternity

A representation of dishour would then be the

Practice of divorce and this is why

God would hate it so much

It’s a misrepresentation of the eternal picture

We wear white to be introduced to forever and to be

Carried away into forever…

That’s why the bride is to wear white and

Continues to wear white