Your space

In between

Your heart and your soul

Your mind and your spirit

The healing you and the healed you

The angry you and the one thats at peace

The you who has low self esteem and the you who is recognizing their worth

The you who is baby Christian and the you that’s on the way to maturity

The pleasing you vs the self assured you

All of us want to trash the space

Its so difficult to be there

You’d rather fast forward yo the future or stay in the past

Its tempting to do either and be miserable

Because things feel out of reach

People are telling you time is running out, speed up

They’re telling you its taking too long to cross the bridge

To live in the space

Its necessary to appreciate your own journey

It is necessary not to compare your journey with that of others

It necessary to have people who wont invalidate any part of your journey.

It is necessary to celebrate living in your journey, and pat yourself on the back

It is necessary to even endure your journey, as the testing of your faith produces perseverance
Persevere my friend. You wont always be here.