I hide so well

You cant see me

I run through the bushes

From your view of me.

I hide from the access I’m not sure you deserve to have to me

I hide

from the interpretation of me that

your definition would cause.

I hide because simply,

I don’t want you to see into me.

I hide because I’m afraid that

Your connection to me cant support or undergird the things I

want to say

the connection might break.

I hide because, Im tempted to

break my bond with the human race


at moments when I decide to un-hide,

being Ms. Imperfect isn’t anything shameful.

I realize and re-embrace my bond with the human race

Whether or not I feel understood or

am understood

Hiding brings security and

a kind of assurance

But coming out brings bonding and freedom , When I decide I feel safe

I am safe

So, therefore, what’s my decision gonna