In order to let, you have to go.

In order to let it happen, you have to go.

In order to get to the next bar on the jungle gym, you have to let go of the one you’re on.

Which one are you on?

Which one do you want to go to?



In order to reach the next grade in school, you have to leave the old one.

Where do you want to be? In between?

Let go

In order to press the gas, you have to let go of the brake.

How are you driving?

Can you let go?

In order to be relieved from market bags, we first have to agree to let them go.

What are you carrying?

For what purpose?

Christ says “take My burden upon you for My yoke is easy and My burden is light”

Can you shift weights?

Will you be ready to give up?

Can you put it all in His hands and let go of the responsibility?

O no you say

I want to feel the fulfillment of my way…

But His ways are higher than yours

And you’ll forever be so laden

Come, now, not later. He invites you to rest.