You and I are declared not guilty

Not guilty of sin because we sinned

Not guilty because we regret our sin

Not guilty because of our flaws

Not guilty because of laws

Not Guilty doesn’t mean we didn’t commit the crime

Not guilty dosent mean we won’t serve the time

Not guilty doesn’t mean that we won’t reap what we’ve sown

Not Gulity means the timer is reset

We are viewed just like how it would be if we never ever sinned

Not Gulity dosent lessen the consequences, but mends the relationship

Not Gulity doesn’t mean we don’t have to face the pain, but the pain is for our gain

Not Gulity means we’re still precious

Still loved

Still rejoiced over

Still treasured

Not Gulity means we don’t have to carry the shame and regret

We can release it all to the one who knows best

We are, in Christ, not guilty

Scrubbed clean with soap and water

White washed

Deeply cleansed

Washed of all stains

Although there may be scars

We are in Christ not Gulity