He was
Real tired
Tired of the old him that lived inside the new him.
The old him was still there, running and lagging behind the new him.
It was such a conflict when his heart wanted to embrace and act in accordance with the new him but
His head would overrule and automatically reflect the old him
Like a reflex
A reflex that he wanted to throw away
Burn and bury
The new him was also tired of the old him.
The new him enabled endurance, joy, resilience, maturity, confidence creativity, capabilities and relationships.
The old him was quite the opposite
However he began to discover that he
Couldn’t chip away the old self by sheer willpower
The only way to do so was rest, live and walk in The Truth.
The Truth said He was able to set him free
The Truth said He was able to give him abundant life.
The truth said He was going to be there in Him and beside Him forever and ever.
The Truth said He had great plans for him and
Would not let him be put to shame.
He had reason to rejoice!