He had formed the studio and created all the dancers.

Her style was unique in its own way.

Dance with me – He said.

He always invited, never threatened nor begged.

He was the instructor par excellence who never needed schooling.

She on the other hand was so surprised that He’d invited her, with her previously broken limbs, bad form, several falls, and non-regulation clothes.

Dance with me, He invited.

She knew she wanted to dance.

He knew she wanted to dance too but she preferred to run away at times

The studio was always like none other

An environment where the teacher considered everyone equal.

The students were caught up however in who could show the best techniques and jump the highest and whose body was most fitting

And she, like the others, got caught up in their distractions.

They all didn’t understand that the Teacher had them there because He loved them, not because of their abilities.

They all didn’t understand that the teacher was teaching them for their own benefit and not for His.

They didn’t even understand that they weren’t enrolled because of their abilities, but because of His compassion, love and grace.

He cherished all of them equally and never mocked them,

Although they continuously mocked themselves and each other.

Dance with me, He said to her, I’d love to do a duet with you.

But she said how could you choose me- I have no prerequisite excellence

My invitation isn’t based on your excellence….He said.

My invitation is so that you may stay in tune.

You pull away from me and from the others yet

I never stop wanting to draw you in.

Can you dare not to pull away as I pull you in?

You don’t have to be nervous about being pulled in.

I am a strong tower for you.

When you’re off balance, I’ll re-balance you.

However many times you fall or slip or get injured

Won’t be enough to change the way I look on you.

I invite you….

To dance.