Daughter, you search

Daughter, why do you search?

Son, why do you scream?

Son, why do you glean from

Wells that are not filled with my water

Plates that aren’t filled with my food?

Daughter you dare to revel in
the opinions of those who I created

Why do you ask the wind how it favours you?

Your asking the wind is your blindness to your idols that are

Seen by Me not you

You’ve been overlooked, under looked, over analyzed and under booked

Son, I wrote that all things would work together for your good to you that love me and

Are called according to my purpose.

When you didn’t fit in in any way from you were small

It meant that you were unique

Not a carbon copy

A precious one

Not to be ridiculed, but to treasure

Always being ridiculed gave you a second nature to please others

But what about Me?

I’ve already written about you.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you

Before you thought of me I wrote those love notes for you

I am a jealous God

You want to be worshipped when only I am to be worshipped.

I love you. I’ve already pre accepted you.

If I’ve pre accepted you, can’t you rest in that?

Can you dare to learn to operate this way?

You are upset sometimes when you’re not accepted,

and some parts of your uniqueness have never been understood.

Can you dare to revel in my affection of you?

Rather than getting down about what is not there

Down about what you fear

Down about what you can’t find

Can you dare to revel in my love for you, much much more?

Seek me….my child….I have already written for you that you will find me when you search with all your heart

Your heart made by me

I have pre planned for you if no one else did

I’ve got a design and thoughts just for you, before you were even known.