The owner of the treasure lost it.

He was distraught.

He sold everything He had, to go and find it.

And when He found it, He threw a big party.

He was never so elated in His whole life.

He invited all his friends to the party too, so they could share in the joy of His treasure being found.

Now He would be able to have His treasure forever and ever and ever, and oh, how in love He was with His treasure!

He celebrated over it day and night, day and night, day and night….

forever and ever and ever, no more distraught, but taking pleasure in the treasure that was bought.

It had been a LONG HARD JOURNEY to find the treasure.

So treacherous, filled with tears and longing and questions.

But He made His way to the treasure.

Such joy He had when He found it, that

when He had, the pain to find it couldn’t compare to the joy when He had found it!