I used to long to revel in your….

Looking at me 

Looking at me not from the outside 

But your inside looking at my inside 

I used to long to revel in….

Your praise of me 

Your smiles at me 

Your wanting to contact me first 

With the things that resonated deep inside you 

to echo things resonating deep inside me. 

I used to….

want to know how to connect the dots in your every thought, 


Enjoy witnessing you connect the dots in my head 

Through several thought patterns 

Like geometrical designs 

But the geometry in my mind couldn’t withstand your compasses and protractors 

You grew tired as I sought to explore every inch of every angle of every complex thought 

Some at 60 degrees. some at 30 degrees

After so many yous I realized 

My Creator was the ultimate mathematical master and I had to give him praise. 

He  was the one to create my mind like this 

Whether or not you would run away from it 

He could understand perfectly and without hesitation all the twists and turns and angles of my mind and my heart 

And he didn’t even need a protractor or a compass to understand her as 

He even created the means for which geometry sets were available! 

So thought I miss your connections of my dots 

And tho I miss trying to be the calculator of the geometrical complexities  inside your head

I will make every effort to lose my geometry set and run from yours 

And make my way back, though over hills and valleys to the One who created me.