The pearl was there and it was….rare. Exquisitely rare! 

It had been blessed with kisses unimaginable, and lifted up to the sunlight for all to see its gloriousness. 

The pearl, it was so nice, fought for as a prize. 

The prize was sought, to be a held treasure….

But little did the little pearl know that…

Several attempts would be made to tarnish its beauty. 

The pearl was handled, from hand to hand, 

Some were great hands, some were bad ones. 

The pearl was….touched but…it ddint feel touched. 

it was….mistouched. Miskept. Misquoted, Misswept. Misdirected. Misrread. Missed targets, and all of a sudden missed being fed. 

The pearl…it was so bright! 

But covered with coal, oh no, would it continue to be buried under this blackness and never get out of this hole.

The pearl faintly remembered that its beauty, its exquisiteness, its beauty, was magical…..

And asked for help to get out the coal. 

The pearl had visions and dreams of returning to splendour, but didnt see how it was possible. 

So for a long while, the coal was fought off, although almost impossible, it paid off. 

It fought to be seen as worth it, beautiful, exquisite and magical, although all its friends had lost hope…..

Through meany tears that beautified and nurtured and cleansed it….the pearl….wont the fight…

the pearl was cleansed through its tears…and its Creator.