Darling was the

Apple of His eye

He pursued her because

She has no chance nor choice in being already wanted because He

Had created her

How majestic she was to Him

Who adored her

Her beauty was unquestionable

Her value was unmistakeable

But her mirror was not His looking-glass that He held up for her.

She loved to collect several mirrors and take turns using the reflections in each of them

And allowed others to hold up their tainted and stained looking glasses so she had several confusing reflections

Several differing reflections of who she could be, would be, was, is, and was not

If one mirror was stained red today, she’d turn to the one stained blue tomorrow

Her Creator’s looking glass wasn’t tainted but she kept forgetting to look there because she loved colours….

Only to realize her Creator was the creator of the colour spectrum so He had the whole reflection, not just the parts or the segments.

Darla, the darling, the darling, the Apple of His eye, came to yield to the Creator of the colors although she thought His looking glass was so plain,

Once she got to know and trust Him she began to see the rainbows through the joy and the pain….

And now saw and experienced life ..

In living colour.