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Girl, you’re precious, don’t you know that?
Girl, you’re justified through the blood of of Jesus, how do you forget that?
Acting like you’re trash when you’re treasure
Acting like you’re worth nothing when Christ died for you and saw your worth
Acting like you’re unfortunate when, as a child of God you’re privileged
Acting like you’re crushed when you’re only pressed
Acting like you’re destroyed when you’re only struck down
Acting like you’re abandoned when you’re only persecuted
Seeing yourself as not good enough when you’re accepted in Christ
Seeing yourself as lower than low when you’re seated with Christ in heavenly places
Seeing yourself as invalidated when Christ validates your existence
Seeing yourself as small. When you are more than a conqueror in Christ

Even in your circumstance
Even when you can’t see the promise of a fulfilled tomorrow
Your hand is held by God even though you can’t feel it
You are seen by God even though you can’t grasp it
God hears when you pray and cry though you can’t see his ears
God loves you though you can’t feel his hug
God delights in you even though you can’t feel his gaze
God strengthens you even though you feel weak
God is good even when things are bad
God is sovereign even if the world falls apart
God forgives your sin and stumble even if you feel guilty
God wipes your slate clean even if you remember your sins

Have you forgotten that:
He died for you
He cleanses you
He saves to the uttermost
He doesn’t hold your sins against you!