At every stage you are in life

Someone will think you’re not enough

Someone will think you’re dumb enough to insult

Beneath them enough to be condescending

Unimportant enough to reject, overlook or abuse

Small enough not to be thought of.

Made mistakes enough to be remembered for them

Sinful enough to be ineligible for salvation

But! God has made us

He sent His Son for the great exchange because

from He created us, He said and continues to think that were good enough.

As a matter of fact, more than good enough.

How do we see this?

Dumb enough to insult?

No, that’s their opinion.

Your opinion counts just because you are an individual.

Beneath them enough to be condescending?

No, the ground is level at the foot of the cross, and guess what, all of us end up in a rectangular coffin one day, no matter what life is lived

Unimportant enough to reject?

Who made you believe that you were unimportant?

Did God believe you were unimportant?


Small enough not to be thought of?

Who said you were small?

Made mistakes?


Who does not?

Which sin mistake does God not forgive once we ask?

Seasons release changes whether or not were able to handle them,

But above all remember, God is constant, seasons can’t last forever.