I value me
Not what you value of me
Not what you think I should value of me
But I value
All my flaws
All my mistakes
Everything Ive learnt
Everything Im learning
Everything I now am
Every place Ive been taking me to where I now am
Every pit God has pulled me out of
Every horror and injustice Ive let go
Every effort Ive made to let go, for the things Im still working on to let go
Every disappointment taught lessons
Every lesson learned was an opportunity to matriculate to a new one
So Ive matriculated and Im proud
Whether or not you think my aptitude should be higher
Whether you think I should think my aptitude should be higher
My right is your wrong
And my wrong is your right
Friendship vs loyalty
Loyalty vs consistency
Consistency vs going the extra mile
Going the extra mile vs self preservation
Self preservation vs preservation of a relationship
I understand I may choose one over the other
And you wont
So rather than forcing our values to match
I let you go
I let the situation go
Because I cant force your values to change
And you cant force my values to change.
I wish you well
You were only once my dear friend
I wish you well