The same me
Wished I could run away from me
Moved into new spaces and new times
New people and new routines
But I was the same unlovely me

Or was I?

The me that  was unlovely went for a change to fix her self, and to fix others perception of herself

The same unlovely me believed she was so unlovely, that she accepted reinforcement of that belief and panicked at pending confirmations.

The same unlovely me tried different thoughts, different walks, different smiles and different hides but I was the same unlovely me.

The same unlovely me tried to fix herself and become lovely

When Jesus had already said He made her, and made her lovelier than she could dream.

She however saw her reflection in broken glasses and broken people and

Thought her God was having a broken perception of her.

She didn’t see her God’s love was unlimited and whole and perfect and have the faith that it would cast out her fear like the Bible said.

She thought she was the same unlovely girl, who was already fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore forever made lovely.

She’d been trying in her own strength to make herself lovely but

She realized she couldn’t do it on her own and that only God could make up for her lack of sight.

So she chose to search now for evidence that she was lovely….not unlovely.